BIM Adoption in India by the construction industry.

BIM Adoption in India by the construction industry.

Recent BIM Adoption in India has been growing and is now a popular technology in India that has brought about revolutionary changes in the Indian construction industry. Now, it is widely used by all in the construction industry. Even though it gained wide acceptance in the real estate sector recently, it has been known to the people in the construction industry since 1985.

01 BIM Technology changes Indian Construction Industry

But first, what is Building Information Modelling?

It is the graphical representation of the building in the future and casts light onto the physical and intrinsic features of a building. In other words, it gives a clear picture of the entire project from the inception stage to the completion of the proposed dwelling.

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How Does BIM Help in The Effective Completion of Building Projects?

This concept enhances the cooperation of the trades and enables efficient construction project management.

02 BIM helps effective completion Building Projects

This facilitates smooth working throughout the project life cycle. Gone are the days when clients and customers faced hurdles due to the disappointment between the expectations of the construction project owners during the pre-construction and post-construction stages. Since the graphical representation of the project paints a clearer picture of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing work of the building, there are fewer chances of clashes among those involved in the building project. It also displays the fire protection and air conditioning plans for the proposed building for a better understanding of the future construction project owners.

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BIM Application and Scope in India

We are now living in an era of technological advancement where there is a widespread acceptance of the BIM technology.

03 BIM application and scope in India

Initially, this technology didn’t see any favorable reception, because of the shade of doubt about the technological developments. But nowadays, both the clients and the construction companies believe it offers a better understanding of the minutest information involved in the construction of a building. Lately, we can see a lot of roads and hospitals that are constructed based on Building Information Modeling in our country. The computer technology has changed the way construction happened a few years ago. The adoption of technology like Virtual Reality, Drones, Augmented Reality, etc. has brought about a radical change in the building industry.

The main reason for the success of BIM technology in the real estate sector is the reduced conflict that happens due to the disapproval of the home buyers. It also enables the efficient organization of the construction projects.

Indian Industries That Use BIM:

Many companies in India use the BIM technology or virtual Design and construction technology. When there are any projects involving the construction of complicated and huge buildings, the real estate companies resort to the BIM technology.

04 India using BIM

There was a project involving 185,600 square meters in Vidarbha, which was constructed using virtual design technology. It was a power project that involved a vast area of construction of a power plant.

One of the famous hotels in Chennai was constructed using BIM technology. IBIS used this technology during every phase of the project. This project was constructed on a site which is 16,481 square meters. Even in the capital city of Delhi, a company structure was constructed and completed before the estimated date of completion using the same technology. To quote another example, in Amritsar, a rapid transit system was constructed using Virtual Design and Construction technology. This rapid transit system is spread over 4 kilometers, and it is one of the finest examples of the application of BIM technology in India.

Yet another example of BIM Adoption in India, in the construction industry, is Nagpur Metro Rail project. The Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) adopted 5D BIM technology for the practical completion of the project. The main reason for adopting such technology is to make it a cost-effective project. They aimed at constructing a robust building at a minimal cost. In addition to that, this public sector company wanted to minimize the chances of any lawsuit in the future. This 8,680 crores project stretches over 38 km, and the project manager has planned to complete this project at a reduced cost and increased efficiency. Because of the use of 5D technology, the project is expected to be completed much sooner than the estimated time.

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Future of BIM Technology in India

There is a bright future of BIM technology in this country like India. It is increasingly gaining importance due to the success of many completed projects, even in the public sector in recent times. If you check the GDP of India, the second largest contributor is the construction industry. In a country like India, where there is an acute resource crunch, the increasing popularity of virtual design technology is a welcoming change that minimizes the utilization of resources.

BIM Adoption in India
BIM Adoption in India

BIM is an information technology tool that makes the future homeowners aware of the different stages of the project, the formation of a plan and how the project is proceeding, including a review on the effectiveness of the plan against the completed stages of the plan. In spite of the fact that the BIM technology gives fewer surprises to the home buyers in India, the effectiveness of this technology depends on the availability of adequate resources and skilled professionals to complete the projects. However, with the increasing number of skilled professionals like engineers further expands the scope of this technology and bim adoption in India.

The building professionals are using building information modeling or BIM technology instead of computer-aided designing or CAD for the effective transformation of the dream design into beautiful homes. The virtual design technology also chooses a particular design after researching through the several design options that are within the estimated cost and other criteria fixed by the project manager.


In short, virtual design technology is a tailor-made technology that smooth ens the way for effective project implementation in the construction industry. This technology has dramatically altered the way buildings were constructed, until recently.

Many developed countries started using this technology to create better buildings a decade earlier than us. Of late, more and more companies are adopting this technology to improve the effectiveness of the implementation of the process. The BIM report that was published in 2016 reads that there is immense potential in this technology as a majority of the building professionals have understood the scope and adopted it in the building process in the near future.

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