4D BIM or 4D Construction Scheduling at WDI Studios

4D BIM or 4D Construction Scheduling at WDI Studios

A quick look at WDI Studio’s 4D BIM or 4D Construction Scheduling services


In recent years, 4D BIM or Building Information Modeling and or Management has grown in popularity among-st architects, engineers, and contractors. BIM is essential, at its core, a process through which one can achieve automated tasks as it helps to optimize one’s construction projects in a better way. The main benefits of 4D BIM includes saving time and money. With its proven value, it is no wonder why more AEC industry companies are adopting its practices. One such company is WDI Studios. The Indian based company established BIM in 2015 and has since expanded into a large and successful international firm of consulting architects and engineers. WDI Studios has credited BIM as having increased their capabilities and expertise as it allows them to verify different design options visually and resolve spatial coordination across multi-disciplinary models. In this article, we will take a closer look at the visual construction models and services used by WDI studios.

WDI Studios

WDI Studios is a multi-disciplinary design studio practicing Urban and Modern Architecture, Civil engineering, and Construction. The company thrives on offering BIM-based solutions to its customers across India, Singapore, and the United States. They also offer training and consulting to architects, engineers, contractors, sub-contractors, fabricators and owners in adopting BIM into their career. The company is made up of young and ambitious graduates of architecture and engineering, who aspire to be innovative while also establishing simple, cost-effective techniques. Based in Delhi, the company offers design consultancy remotely anywhere across the globe as well as turnkey construction solutions in Delhi and National Capital Region.

We Design It Studios is an India based company that understands the benefits of incorporating BIM or Building Information Modeling into their projects. They have consistently used 3D models to not only construct architectural elements but also to coordinate and validate design proposals. Having intense prior experience and skills in creating or developing 3D BIM models is vital for design teams and is a reason why more and more architects and engineers are now inclining or using BIM. Now we will further explore how WDI Studios uses BIM software to create replica models.

WDI Studios Replica Models

In order to achieve insight of multi-disciplinary aspects of a project, WDI Studios replicates the actual construction in a digital model, whether it be for buildings or infrastructure. These engineered information models include everything required to maintain the project through its lifespan.

4D BIM Replica Models at WDI Studios

The main software used to develop these models is Autodesk Revit. Revit is a BIM software that allows users to design a building and all of its components in 3D and integrates well with tools such as Autodesk Navisworks to plan and track various stages in the project’s lifecycle, including later maintenance and/or demolition. By developing intelligent building information models across different disciplines such as Architectural 3D Revit models, Structural 3D Revit/Tekla models, and MEP 3D models (for clash resolution), clients are exposed to a simple visual replica of a project. However, BIM technology does not end with a 3D model.

What is 4D BIM or 4D Construction Scheduling?

While 3D models make valuable contributions to the conception of a project, 3D models are simply a geometric representation which is only part of the BIM concept. On the other hand, 4D BIM modeling can be applied in the design and construction phase and adds the time factor to the 3D model. 4D BIM modeling can provide both the contractor and the owner with a better visualization of the planned construction sequences. Understanding of these time-based processes helps foresee conflicts and study potential solutions. Furthermore, 4D BIM model simulations expose necessary information such as out-of-sequence work, scheduling conflicts, and “what if” scenarios.

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These are a few of the advantages of incorporating 4D Construction Scheduling into BIM:

  • Improved lead time which can reduce total construction duration
  • Improved design document quality
  • Improved constructability and safety issue identification
  • Improved ability to monitor actual progress vs. planned progress

Differentiating 4D processes

Since the use of 4D models/tools is a rising trend, it is important to establish the difference between 4D schedules and 4D visualizations. 4D Visualization allows one to visualize the construction processes as planned whereas a 4D Scheduling allows one to visualize the project as planned while also efficiently optimizing the sequences of activities inside the program. As mentioned earlier, an advantage of 4D construction scheduling is its improved ability to monitor actual progress vs. planned progress. 4D scheduling tools make that possible. 4D scheduling improves communication between everyone involved in a project and helps to avoid change order or time delay.

4D BIM or 4D Construction Scheduling Services at WDI Studios

For the past few years, WDI Studios has reaped the benefits of BIM or Building Information modeling on small-scale and large-scale projects. While the company has primarily only used 3D modeling for its projects, such as a food processing unit in Southeast Asia and a Japanese manufacturing facility, the company has gradually and successfully integrated 4D construction scheduling services. One specific 4D BIM project that was completed successfully was for a high-rise luxury residential building. The scope of the work was a development of a 3D BIM construction simulation model for Architectural and Structural discipline that was to be used for 4D construction simulation. Their BIM goals includes:

  • To generate 4D construction simulation from BIM or building information model and project construction schedule,
  • To detail out construction simulation for complex scheduling tasks, and
  • To render out the simulation in video format.


4D construction scheduling is considered an advanced application in the Building Information Model. However, more companies are incorporating the application because it allows stakeholders to visualize construction over the duration of a project including the possible conflicts that can arise. We Design It or WDI Studios is simply one of the many companies adopting this BIM practice during its construction of buildings and infrastructures. With Indian cities developing rapidly, it is necessary that randomized and unplanned infrastructural opportunities do not lead to waste for the country. Rather, smarter infrastructure and planning using BIM software such as 4D scheduling can help improve Indian city life by allowing them to undertake major infrastructure projects.

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